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Happy Birthday Redninja!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sides, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Redninja, wishing you a very, very happy birthday, hope you have a fantastic day :birthday:

    love and kisses
    Sides xxx

  2. Happy birthday dude ! ENJOY
  3. Thanks guys!

    And Doonks, Sides & I saw your new VFR about 3 weeks ago at a Friday night coffee and we both agreed it looked sweet. *sniff* made us miss our old one :(

    Sides got me an ace B'day pressie too, an action photo shoot for the two of us on our bikes! It's gonna be so cool!
  4. And it was, a very cool day.

    In the Morning we met up with Jake & Shaun from "Weekend Warriors" and Jake explained what we'd be doing. We looked at a bunch of sample photos to decide what sort of shots we wanted and then we were off.

    First stop was a couple of still shots with Sides, myself and our bikes over looking a lake. Lovely view.

    Shortly after we made arrived at the Black Spur (lovely road, like PI), we started off on an open left corner, which had good lighting. Jake did his thing with the camera and we pumped it slowly through the corner over and over.

    I was so stiff and nervous on my bike :( , I looked at the photos Jake had taken and couldn't believe how upright I was, though "Dam! I look stupid" :? . At this point Sides' photos were looking good though and she was having a lot of fun.

    Well next corner set was different, Jake & Shaun gave me some tips after looking at the photos. It changed everything. We got some awesome looking pics after that, I got lower than I'd very been on the road before.

    A few corners later something unexpected happened, I decided to do a poser shot and poke my knee out, you know, like "Pretend I was doing knee down". All went to plan except one thing, I actually put my knee down. :shock: "OH! My God!" is what went through my mind, I hope Jake got that on Camera. He did!

    Sides was buzzing with joy when she found out, but every time she followed me to watch, I ducked round the corner too fast and she missed it. :(

    After a couple of shots, Jake pulled me over where a few other riders had stopped to watch. Jake said "We're going to do that again, hold my camera" and proceeded to take off one of his Magnesium sliders from his leathers and said "Wanna have a go with this?" At first I wasn't sure, but encouragement from Sides and the Ducati rider that had stopped to watch, both provided the push I need, so I did.

    I ripped through the corner a few more times and gave that slider a good hard workout, in front of a couple of spectators and of course Jake’s camera. Such an amazing experience to get it on Camera, to extend our experience as riders and to have other excited riders there watching, such a confidence boost.

    Then Sides and I got a few riding shots together and I noticed her riding confidence had gone way up.

    We headed back and I carried the Camera gear for Jake and Shaun, so they could have a fag themselves through the Spur. We all caught up a few minutes later in Healsville for coffee & ice-cream.

    Later back at Jake's office, we went through the process of selecting the photo's we wanted printed and I think we end up with 28 great shots.

    Jake and Shaun were very patient the whole time, we never felt rushed or like we were boring subjects. They were top blokes and very friendly, true riders. Jake also did the longest wheelie I have ever seen in person on the way home, so cool.

    The BIGGEST THANKS to Sides for the best birthday present EVER! It’s an experience that will last my life and there are photo’s if the memory dims to remind us! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Thanks to Jake & Shaun from Weekend Warriors for an amazing experience, help and encouragement to both of us. Also thanks to the other riders we met on the day that provided encouragement. :grin:

    I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!! :p
  5. no problemo!

    It really was a great day, I'm so very proud of RN, seeing the sparks coming off your knee was awesome!
    And my cornering and confidence has come along in leaps and bounds, so we both did really well out of it, fantastic day had by all!!!

    (damn, I'm never going to be able to top this prezzie by the looks of things!)
  6. I would love to see some photos. happy birthday!
  7. I'll add some to the photo bucket when they are posted :)