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Happy Birthday Realm!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by _joel_, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. I'm up late, and your name popped up in the "todays birthdays"

    :dance: :birthday: :beer: :birthday: :dance:

    and i'll even be the first to hoist an alcoholic beverage for the day :LOL:

    have a ripper :grin:
  2. Happy Birfdee Realm..

    Hope ya got/get all ya wanted.. :grin:
  3. :birthday: :dance: [​IMG]

    Many happy returns Realm, hope you have a great year :grin:
  4. Have a happy, triumphant birthday :).
  5. Hope you have a great day.
  6. YAY! Happy birfdee to you! Lotsa bike goodies?? Too much to drink??? Hope you had a good one! :grin:
  7. Happy birthfday Faye.
    hope you get spoilt.
  8. Happy birthday Faye. Have a great one. \:D/
  9. :birthday: Faye
    Hope you get spoilt rotten. :grin:
  10. Happy birthday you old sausage. :grin:
  11. [​IMG]

    Happy Birthday Realm

    Hope you have wonderful day :grin:
  12. :birthday: Faye. Hope you have a great day. Not too bad a day for a ride ;)
  13. Happy 26th Birthday Faye :)
  14. Doh! I thought she was 28. :?
  15. No... she told me last night she is 29 :wink:

    So, how was brekky?
    did the shopping excursion turn out ok?

    happy birthday Faye,
    I hope you have a fantastic day filled with a few pleasant surprises.

  16. :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

    Happy Birthday Faye and hope you have a good one... :wink:

  17. Appy birfday Faye.
  18. Happy birthday Faye! I hope it's been a good one. :grin: :birthday:
  19. Woo hoo!!
    Hope you celebrate just the way you want.
  20. 26, 28, 29 I dont care, I will take any 1 of those :grin:

    Hmmmm brekky, it wasnt to bad. Well at least I didnt have to sneak it to the dog this year, and the 13yo even cleaned up the kitchen after wards :grin: :grin:
    Im not even going to mention the shopping excursion, but its nothing that a couple of bourbons wont fix... speaking of which, I think its well past bourbon o'clock. *Realm wonders off in search of alcohol*