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Happy Birthday Raven!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Whippet, May 29, 2009.

  1. Happy Birthday John

    Tried to keep it a secret......fail!!!!!

    Hope you have a great day today and that you get thoroughly spoilt by that wonderful woman of yours :demon:

    Much love from me and many wet willies from you know who :wink:

    Jen XXX
  2. John! Happy anniversary of your birth bro! Hope you're having a top day and there's an extra special birthday evening on the cards. :)
  3. Happy Birthday Raven, Hope you have a great one :)
  4. Avagoodun John y'ole fart.
  5. Happy birthday mate, how old?
  6. happy birthday mate
    hopefuly get out for another ride together soon.
  7. happy birthday John
  8. Congrats to you John, made it to another one relatively unscathed I hope :LOL:
  9. happy Birthday Raven, hope its a good one
  10. :birthday:
  11. Happy Birthday Sir! I hope you get all you wanted and more!
  12. Yay John, hope you're celebrating in style. Happy birthday.
  13. happy birthday mate!!

    havent seen you for a fair while. hopefully ill see you on the spur soon.
  14. happy birthday mate :grin:
  15. happy birthday mate, have a good one! :grin:
  16. Happy bithday John. :grin:
  17. Woops!...I did'nt realize this thread was here, guys...(Thanks to blabba mouth, Jen)...ahahahaha

    Thanks for all the well wishes...I'm still punting along fairly well at 52 - and I'll take that!
    :grin: :grin:

    Take care everyone. :grin:

  18. Happy Belated Mate !!!!!!!!

    Sorry I missed this thread
  19. Belated Happy Birthday John from LizzyM and me.

    Hope it was a great one and you have many more to come.
  20. Happy belated Raven!