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Happy Birthday QueenAnkely (Colly)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LiLEd, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Happy Birthday QueenAnkely AKA Colly,

    Hope your day is full of suprises, Wishing you all the Best and that all your dreams come true. I Know im a shit at times but thats what make me loveable.

    :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

    Lots of love from Your Boyfriend,

  2. Happy birthday Colly! :birthday:

    Have a top day chicky! :grin:
  4. :birthday:

    Happy Birthday Col!

    I hope you have an awesome day! :grin:
  5. hope ya have an amazing day-- happy birthday babe lots hugs from marisa
  6. 'appy birdy Colly :)
  7. [​IMG]

    hey chicky!!!! hope u have an unreal day and enjoy Miss Saigon!

    mwah xx
  8. omg - i missed it. i'm mortified. huge happy birthday to you girl

  9. Happy Birthday!!
  10. :birthday: Happy bday Colly, hope you had a great day and have an even better night :beer: :beer: :blah: :bannanabutt:

  11. Happy Birthday Colly! :grin:
  12. Happy Birthday spunk, hope you had the best birthday. :bannanabutt:
    Love, Shaun and Kate.xxxx
  13. :cry: Sorry didnt see this.We have a good,we were miles away from anywhere. :birthday: By you a beer next time your down.
  14. Hey baby girl,


    You Colleen, are one awesome chicka!!!
    Hope young Ed treated you to some "special" treats on your special day!

    Will definitely see you before you go@

    Cya hun
    Lots of luv
  15. Best wishes all the way from Canada :grin:

    Hope you had a great day and Ed spoilt ya heaps :wink: