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Happy Birthday qbnspeedfreak and carrie27

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, May 22, 2008.

  1. Happy 25th to the Queenbeyan Speed Freak, and an indeterminate Happy Birthday to one of my favourite Netriders, the lovely Carrie!!! Have a super day; spoil yourselves (or better still get someone to do it for you :LOL:).

  2. cheers paul, i believe i have alreadybeen spoiled can everyone say cheap insurance :LOL:
  3. Carri, I hope you have a wonderful birthday chicki. All the best on the 1st birthday of the rest of your life ;)
    Catch up soon.

    Happy birthday also to qbnspeedfreak, hope you have a great day and congrats on the cheap insurance.
  4. Happy Birthday qbnspeedfreak & carrie !!!!!
    Hope You both have a GREAT day

  5. happy birthday guys, hope you both have a wonderful day
  6. Happy Birthday to the both of you :grin:
  7. Happy birthday!!! Have a lubbly jubbly day and may you be blessed with plenty of rubber this coming year!
  8. Happy birthday guys and all the best for this next year :)
  9. Its no e Paul :birthday: baby. My present to you tonight, is more like our present :bannanabutt: :LOL:
  10. Don't know qbn, but happy bday anyway!

    Carri, hope this anniversary of your birth enhances the most amazing journey that you and Movin are about to undertake. Have a brilliant day. x
  11. Happy Happy Birthday Day to you both!

    luv jadey & Azz :p
  12. Have a great birthday Carri!
  13. Thanks one and all. Very much appreciated. it's been a beaut day so far and ken's parents have shouted us tickets to 'guys and dolls' tonight which ken will probably hate and i will absolutely love every minute of, so his accompanying me is part of my treat. and i gather from the above thread i've got more fun to look forward to after the show - woohoo! thanks to everyone for your ongoing friendship, good company and warm wishes.

    and a big happy birthday to qbnspeedfreak. you must be quite an outstanding human being to have your birthday on this momentous date.

    much love and many thanks, c x
  14. happy bithday to you both
  15. oh i was just thinking the same of you, glad your having a great day carri
  16. happy birthday you two kids :LOL: