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Happy Birthday QBEE (Alli)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Happy Birthday Alli, hope you have an awesome day chicka. Gotta catch up soon :wink:

  2. :birthday: Alli
    Have a great one.
  3. Congrat's Ms Bee , hope your day is full of awesome !!!!
  4. Happy Birthday!!
  5. Have a great day, Alli.
  6. To one of the nicest ladies in Netrider with one helluva good green thumb ta boot :birthday: Sit back in the cafe, buy yourself a coffee, eat a chocky and go for a ride.

    oh btw Alli, just noticed in Bdays, you are not listed officially in NR, WTF? :?
  7. happy birthday alli
  8. Happy Birthday Alli

    :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

    Hope you get spoilt rotten :demon:
  9. well i've tried to get on here several times today but the connection keeps dropping out. so, for what's left of the day, a HUUUUUGGGGEE happy birthday!! here's to abundant vegie patches, great riding, limited boss intervention and a sh*tload of fun in the year ahead :grin: hugs, c x
  10. Happy Brithday Alli. ! I didnt see you on your tractor today :wink:

    Have a glass of wine or 3...

    Kate and Shaun X
  11. Many apologies... we were without the pc yesterday...wishing you a very Happy Belated birthday from GreyBM and me!

  12. Aww shucks guys :oops:
    Thanks for the well wishes :grin: got spoilt rotten by the other half and my gorgeous kids naturally :)

    I had an extremely busy day at work so didn't have time to smell the roses (literally) nor sit and have a leisurely coffee.
    But I did get out on the bike though after work even only to go to the chiro and back home. Then my wonderful man took me out for a lovely dinner and well hhmm lets just say the rest is history :wink:

    movin' no idea why it doesn't recognise me as a NR member, been here for that long I can't remember when I joined lol
  13. Happy b'day 4 yesterday:grin:
    Glad to hear you had a great b'day!!
    You deserve it :)

    Luv jadey & azz :p
  14. Happy Belated Ali !!!
    One of the 'nicest' in the nest :)
    She was kind enough to indroduce me to fellow NR's on my FIRST NR ride, after seeing the 'lost' look on my face :LOL:
    Thank You
    Good on your Man for spoiling you to a lovely dinner .. shortly followed by a 'history' lesson ? :p