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Happy Birthday PNUT

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. :beer: :birthday: :beer:
    Happy Birthday Deano boy
    Heres to a good days riding - following by much merriment this evening I'm sure
    Many Cheers, BB

  2. Happy Birthday

    have a good ride and

    we will all sing happy birthday too you today on ride
  3. Indeed, happy birthday, Deano, looks like the weather will be good, and the company will be good too. Ride safely and enjoy a day worth making a fuss about...... :grin:
  4. Happy Birthday Dean. Wishing you a great ride. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. :birthday: Dude ! hope you enjoyed your day/night ( I know you wont read this till sometime tonight or later tommorow ) :LOL:

    :biker: would have loved to come with yah on the ride but the VTR's been in getting dyno'd and rejetted after the new pipes and wont be ready for p/up till about 11 today :cry:

    Rhea:- will take care off one pressie later tonight = :bannanabutt: :LOL:
  6. Happy Birthday Pnut!

    Hope you have a good day out on the ride!

    (Ya old fart!) :p

  7. Happy Birthday Dean!

    Hope you have a great day.


  8. Happy Birthday from a stranger :D
  9. Happy B'd Pnut.

    Sorry I missed the ride, slept like shit last night...

    Hope you get all the prezzies you wanted :)
  10. well hope u guys had a good ride. was a good turn out, bout 20 bikes. would heve loved to come but didn't really want to go in the wet :cry: can't wait to see some pics. (seany that's ur department, then i can pass them on to the fam as my own hehehe)

    wot a great way 2 celebrate a b'day...hope u enjoyed it PNUT!
  11. Happy 30th Birthday to you,
    Happy 30th Birthday to you,
    Happy 30th Birthday Dear Deano,
    Happy 30th Birthday to you!!


    Hope you had a great ride :biker: & a great nite still to come!! :beer:
    Love Nadeen
  12. All the best birthday wishes Pnut.

    What better way to spend your birthday than on the bike :dance: \:D/ :birthday: :biker:
  13. Happy birthday Dean.

    Sorry I didnt make it to the party last night, but when I got home from your GOR ride yesterday and defrosted enough to get feeling back in my toes. I just couldnt leave the nice warm dry house to brave the cold again..

    Hope you had a great night.
  14. Happy Birthday Sir :grin:

    Hope you had a great ride and party! :)
  15. Happy 21st birthday (again) :grin:
    Hope you had a fantastic day and great night last night.
    Didn't seem to be much movement when we came past this morning so Phanoongy could pick up his car.
  16. Y'ole fart.
  17. Well first of all THANK-YOU to EVERYONE that turned up. I had no idea what was happening till i got home. What an interesting night i had. ( please refrain from posting photo's )
    At 2am i had nuffies screaming in the park so me the bloke that lives with me ( Kev ) went and asked them politely to be quiet. No not good enough apparently :roll: one of them took a swing at Kev and that was it IT WAS ON. Ten mins later 2 riot busses and 2 divvy vans turn up and a Sgt yells out the divvy.. i want these two ( me and Kev ) charged with assault :shock:
    after pleading my case to the Sgt we were allowed to go with out the nice silver jewellery they had just for us. I hate bracelets :p . Pomy boy and the missus were ust standing there in disbelief at us allowed to go.

    So once again thanx for all the awesome presents and wonderful company last night i had a ball :grin:
  18. I heard some idiots screeming thier heads off as I was getting in the car, they were still about 2 blocks away at about 1:20am though. Even at that range they didn't sound real 'social' kind of people.
  19. Well, what a night!!! :bannanabutt: :beer: :dance:

    First of all I would like to say a BIG special thank you to the following people:

    Sasha & Marty - for coming to my aid when I desparately needed assistance setting up during the day (due to someone going AWOL on me!!!) Dean's best mate Kev helped me all day with cleaning and setting up outside which was EXCELLENT but I sorely needed your help with food prep, last minute dash's for fogotten necessities etc. :roses: :applause:

    Jason - for organising the GOR ride and keeping Dean out of the house for soooooooo long. :roses: :applause:

    Foxy - for being music man for the night. With most of mine & Dean's cd's having gone walkies, it was FANTASTIC that you could do the music for me (and also accomodate my 80's request.... :wink: ) :roses: :applause:

    Without you guys/gals in particularl, this night could not have happened and gone as smoothly as it did!!!!

    Secondly, I would like to throw out another big thanks to everyone that came. You all made it such a special night that we will never forget!!! I am so thankful that this was kept such a secret (I was sure someone was going to slip) but everyone has been so excited about this that no-one wanted to spoil it so thank you. :roses: :applause:

    And thank you for being so respectful of our house. Now not that I didn't think you all wouldn't be but when we finally surfaced this morning to survey the damage I was amazed by the lack of mess/rubbish. You have made the clean up exercise so much easier and that it GREATLY appreciated!!!

    I also have some super huge special mentions for Nugzy & Macca. Thank you for the compilation DVD today, it is definately a happy & beautiful reminder of this event and will be cherished forever. I cannot smile enough when watching it (and I've watched it about 3 or 4 times so far...hehe) :roses: :applause:

    Dean is absolutely stoked with last night and all the gifts that he received. I cannot say thank you enough to everyone involved (be it helping with organising or just being there), so thank you again!!! :applause: :dance: :woot: I'm just glad I didn't actually burst into tears last night (cos I definately came close a few times.....oh and thanks for the cheers too :grin: not expected but greatly appreciated)

    If anyone else has any photo's of last night, can you please let me know cos I would love to see them (and if possible get a copy....???) [-o<

    So in summary, Thank You one and all for last night, you made it an event not to be forgotten!!!

    :woot: :roses:
  20. Happy Birthday ya Peanut!!!
    Sorry we couldn't stay long at your party, we had an Icicle ride to get to.