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Happy Birthday OzYoda, Sprinter!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by smee, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. 2 members are celebrating their birthday on 21-Nov-2010:

    -OzYoda (Age: hidden or unknown)
    -Sprinter! (born in 1962, Age: 48)

    Happy Birthday!

  2. ohhhhh Chris, its your 80th Birthday

  3. Happy birthday Chris!
  4. Happy, happy birthday!!!
  5. Happy birthday guys :)
  6. Happy birthday guys.

    I did hear a rumour that some scientists were looking for an OzYoda so they could take a core sample and look for evidence of global climate change during the Cretaceous era. But that is just a rumour...

    Fun Ha!
  7. Happy birthday guys. Chris, did you get something nice?
  8. Happy Birthday dudes ! Hope it's an awesome day (y)
  9. Happy birthday guys but a special one goes out to chris! Hope you have a great day guys!
  10. Thanks all.

    Unfortunately NR wont let me put my real year of birth in .. its too long ago :LOL:

    Got a new jacket. Waterproof leather. Armour molds to the body shape. Very, very comfy yesterday. Not for high temps though but I have the other 2. Trying to justify the matching pants to myself :D but am having trouble with that.

    Happy birthday Sprinter! We should have worked out a b'day ride!

    Cheers all
  11. Thanks guys. Spent my day at Eastern Creek. Cant think of a better way to spend the day
  12. happy unknown and 48th birthday guys!
  13. Wow!!.. how did I miss this one!!..... :-s


    ...but you manage it so well.... =D>

    Hope you had a fab day Chris!!... :woot:
  14. Happy Birthday!
  15. Happy birthday guys!!!

  16. Happy Birthday dudes! Hope it was (is? if you're still out :) ) a GREAT day (y)