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Happy Birthday Nickers330

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by smee, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Yes today is our favourite pilot's birthday
    Happy Birthday mate χρονια πολλα

  2. Many happy returns Nick!
    Walk into your local with your hat on tonight and let it be known it's your birthday, and you'd HAVE to be a dead cert I reckon!
  3. Happy birthday bro :)

  4. Have a great day Nick........
    We have to catch up on a ride again soon!
  5. Happy Birthday Nickers!
  6. Heyyyy ... happy birthday mate! Hope you've had a ripper day and the year ahead is a good one :)

  7. Happy Birthday Nickers, have a good day.
  8. Happy b'day Nick.
    Ise orego (don't ask where I learnt that from (;....)
  9. Happy Birthday Nick!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks all for the lovely wishes !
    After just arriving home from eating way too much (again!) and being merry with family/loved ones I realised the one most important thing I didn't do...yes..tsk tsk... no bike ride :)
    Oh well, I'll have to make up for it over the next few days... hopefully.

    Again, many thanks...received half my gifts (others yet to be revealed).
    May it be known, I will be joining the GoPro HD gang shortly (y)
  11. :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:

    cheers Kitt and Bruce :)
  12. Great you can record me riding and we can then put it to the table and analyse my weaknesses.
  13. as the effniks say

    hippy birsdei for you ( farkin )
  14. Happy bday mate
  15. ResmeN,
    Dude, something tells me it'll be recording and filling the card memory of all my mistakes/weaknesses !!!
    Wanted one of these things for a while, so am wrapped, truly !

    With just under 1hr to go before the new day arrives, I'd again like to thank you all for the lovely wishes.

    Due to my settings not allowing the system to auto-generate my birthday, I wish to specifically thank smee for creating this thread. Thanks dude.

    All your wishes are special to me and rest assured I have drunk at least 1 drink for you all (y) *hic* ;)
  16. Your weakness is that your stroke is to short and you are getting premature ignition :)
  17. Happy birthday schnickers, go and pour another drink
  18. late happy birthday!

    go for a ride today! :D
  19. Thanks again gals and guys for the great wishes.
    Though it's damp outside, methinks a ride is truly on the cards.

    I feel..... 1yr younger....again (y)
  20. happy birthday nick