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Happy Birthday Mrs Drew

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Drew, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!!

    And Happy Anniversary for Tomorrow too \:D/ :woot:

  2. Happy birthday hope you have a great day

    cheers stewy :)
  3. Happy birthday, Sal :)
  4. Happy Birthday Mrs Drew. Nice going on the purchases last night as well
  5. :birthday: Mrs Drew, hope you have a great day :grin:
    Deb and Dave
  6. best wishes on your birthday :grin:
  7. Hey Sally, hope it was a great day for you, I know you won't read this 'til later, coz drew took you out for dinner didn't he? :cool:
  8. Have two wonderful days, Mrs Drew, I know your good man will treat you well :).
  9. Yes he did........

    and LOTS of luverly bike gear too. :twisted:

    Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes! :grin:
  10. Happy birthday and happy anniversary! The riding bug has really got a hold of you, hey? :grin:
  11. Happy Birthday, Sal. Hope you had a fantastic day :grin:
  12. Happy birthday!! Just made it in time :grin: Hope it is/was great and all the good stuff you should be doing for your birthday :D Either now, on weekend or all time! :twisted:

    :birthday: :beer: :blah: :beer: :-w
  13. Undii..

    you forgot one..... :bannanabutt:

  14. Happy birthday Sal, hope you had a fantastic day and lurved your pussy portrait :grin:
  15. Did you read that before posting? :LOL:

    Portrait was a big hit!!! Heidi might be getting some more business because of it too!
  16. Yep, :LOL:

    This doesn't surprise me in the least, what a very talented lady she is

  17. Happy Birthday for yesterday Sal! :) :)