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Happy Birthday, Mpfprocess.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NetriderBot, May 6, 2016.

  1. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, MpfprocessMpfprocess.

  2. Happy birthday mate :happy:! Hope you'll have a great day today, hope a ride is on the cards too before the big wet arrives on Sunday (y)
  3. Thanks! Took the day off work and doing a long 5hr ride to the other side of Melbourne and back to get earmolds done so I can have music and a nice fitted ear plug when on the bike. Present for myself.
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  4. Haha, that's exactly what I did 6 months ago for my birthday. A day off for a ride and two sets of earmolds made (with and without microphones)! Have fun, it's a great day for it :happy:
  5. happy birthday :)
  6. Happy Another Orbit Around The Sun Day :D
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  7. Happy Birthday !
    Enjoy your new Earmolds :)
  8. Thanks all, ended up buying the earmolds and a Sena 20s, treated myself, enjoyed the ride home a lot more after hooking all that up!

    400km of riding and some new toys so a good birthday overall
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  9. Well done! How difficult was it to set up a Sena 20s unit? I'm looking at getting one too
  10. me too, me too... considering Sena 20s, for Radio and bluetoothing my GPS and Phone... but just bought new Dainese leather pants yesterday so gonna wait.
    Looking forward to your Sena review soon :)
  11. Happy birthday!!! What a great day for a ride. That Sena 20s looks like a cool unit. I've got the Sena 3s which was very easy to install. From the look of it, the 20s should also be pretty easy to install.
  12. MudfrogMudfrog Fr33dmFr33dm the Sena 20s were very easy to install. I did have to remove the padding from inside my SHOEI GT Air helmet to run cables to each ear but that was the most difficult bit, otherwise it is a clip that goes either side of the helmet and your done. Much easier than I expected it to be and even with ear plugs in I could clearly hear the speakers. I am very happy with them. Will write up a little review for you guys when I am home the next couple days.
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  13. Cheers Mpfprocess, enjoy your Birthday :)