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Happy Birthday Movin!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by peeahh, May 6, 2008.

  1. Happy Birthday Ken!

    Best day of the year for birthday's I reckon ;)


  2. Happy birthday sir :grin:
  3. Hey kenny ya woolly sonofabitch. Have a bewdy!
  4. Happy birthday movin.
    Hope there's a new Bandit wrapped up somewhere for ya!
  5. Happy Birthday Ken


    Hope you have a grand day :dance:
  6. Happy birthday mate......hope you have a great day mate

    cheers stewy
  7. well i'm pleased someone was able to get on-line to start a thread for you!! thanks peeah.

    a huge happy birthday baby - love you to the ends of the universe and beyond.

    hugs and love and hope you enjoy your pressies, c xxxx
  8. Happy birthday, Ken! :grin:
  9. Thanks people's :grin:
    First time in years I have actually broken my unbroken rule and worked on my birthday :?
    Peah, what can we say, great minds an all that :LOL:

    Carri-take note of 2wheelsagain, coz a man needs 3 Bandits :LOL:
  10. Chamonix, Japan, Banff, any of the above, I'm really not that fussy! Have a good one fellow Taurean.
  11. Happy anniversary of your birth Ken. :)
  12. Happy Birthday Ken! :grin:
  13. Happy Birthday Ken! :grin:

    hope you didn't have to work a full day :(

    hope carri spoils you tonight :bannanabutt:
  14. Happy birthday, Ken, I am truly sorry that I wasn't able to be on earlier to pass on my best wishes.
  15. Happy Birthday!!
  16. happy birthday
  17. :birthday: Ken!!!
    Hope you had a spectacular day!!!
  18. Nah, worked instead of bludgin Flip. :cry: And I couldnt log on for ages to thanks ppls :(
    But I would have to say, you know what a marvelous land of luvin this NR place is. :dance: Thats a bunch of HB,s I wouldnt have ordinarily gotten if I wasnt on this site. It really is appreciated peoples :grin:
  19. Happy belated birthday wishes Ken.
    Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Catch ya soon.