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Happy Birthday mini Flipper :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by firefling, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Hope you have a wonderful day mini flip :birthday:
    And get lots of pressies :woot:

  2. Happy B'day Maddy, geez you are getting old now..... ;)

    Hope you have a top day, with lots of cool pressies


    stewy & Lenna
  3. Its your birthday again?????

    Happy Birthday Little Lady!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Maddy, see you sometime soon :)
  5. Happy Birthday Maddy!! :birthday: :applause: \:D/ :dance: :dance:
  6. Hope you have a great day, Maddy!


    :) :) :)
  7. :birthday: to you
    :birthday: to you
    :birthday: dear Maddy
    :birthday: to you.
  8. Happy Birthday Maddy! Hope you got spoiled rotten.

    :birthday: :dance:
  9. happy birthday maddy

    you will have caught up to your mum soon
  10. :birthday: Maddy
    Thanx everyone for your wishes. i will show Maddy the thread in the morning, I'm sure it will put a big smile on her face :grin:
  11. hi every 1

    its maddy i had a graet birthday and got lots a pressies
    im 11 and happy i had a great day and lotz a fun and a big thanx to every 1 who came to my b-day :roses: soon ill B riding 1 of these :biker:
  12. happy birthday maddy sorry about being late -- you rock -- one day you will be a great motorbikerider-- :grin: :grin: