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Happy Birthday MattyB

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser3, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Happy Birthday, have a good one, hope ya dinner goes well.

  2. Happy birthday, mate, have a nice day....
  3. Happy Birthday, make sure you show us all them professional photo's you'll take of yourself ey ;)
  4. Happy Birthday MattyB

    Hope you have a great day. :)
  5. lol you're a star! a b'day thread for a newb :p

    top effort

    cheers everyone, so far i've gotten a top notch Tripod, which is about 50x's better than my last allot heap of crap, this one is strong, sturdy, and has alot more gadgets :p

    and i got Battlefield2 and the expansion pack which i've been playing since 4am

    and i got a framed photo of the Roulettes doing an ariel flip thing over parliment house, which is signed by the Roulettes leader "dennis tan" and by my father who took the photo, impressive :D

    and now i have to finish eating breaky, then clean the backyard.. i'm expecting 40 people around today for a BBQ.

    update later :D
  6. Have a great day Matt, and a wonderful year to come.

    Are you making anything from the Netrider Recipe e-book :grin:
  7. nah, i refuse to sell peoples ideas lol

    i'll create the new e-book on monday, then no more updates. coz i only get 5 free conversions with adobe.
    but i'll leave that for another thread

    continue showering me with happiness