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Happy Birthday Loz!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Black Betty, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Hip Hip Horay - you're 21 today ......... :p

    have a great day boyo :grin:


  2. Happy bday Lozzo :birthday: :butt:

    Will see ya on Saturday for a few too many drinks :beer:

    Azz & Jadey

  3. Go Loz, you are a legend. Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday mate,

    Look forward to catching up with you on the weekend for belated b'day drink or 2 :wink:

    Best wishes

    Stewy & Lenna

  5. Happy B'Day!
  6. :birthday:
    Have a GREAT day Loz !!!!!

    damn .. to be young again :p
  7. Hippy Birthday Lozzimo!

    Sorry I can't be with you to celebrate on Saturday.
  8. Happy Birthday Loz.

    Lets make it a Hyo free day for ya :!:
  9. :birthday: :beer:
  10. Wishing you a Wheelie Happy Boobiesday Loz :grin:
  11. Happy Birthday mate.. Have a great day and sorry i wont be able to attend your bash on Saturday..
  12. :birthday:
    Have an awesome Day Loz!
  13. Loz
    Have a great day!!!!!!
  14. All the best for the day Loz
  15. Aw yer all a pack of big bloody sweeties. :oops:

    Now stop it, I'm getting embarrassed.
  16. Nup!

    Happy birthday mate! :grin:
  17. Happy Birthday Lozzicle!!!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day and we will see you on saturday :grin:
    Deb and Dave
  18. Happy Birthday Singin' Man :grin:


    Should see you at SOME stage on Sat :)
  19. Didn't stay 30 for long, didja. Have a top day.
  20. [​IMG]
    Have a great day Loz