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Happy Birthday Loz

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MVrog, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Have a good day, mate

  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday Lozzy !!!!!

  4. Happy birthday buddy:beer:
  5. :birthday: Ya big boob... Heres a pic of em for ya boob man (o)(o)
  6. Must be celebrating in style, as I rode down the tulla / citylink this morning admist all the traffic noise I could hear a Lozzo bear yodeling away...

    Happy bday Loz!! :grin:
  7. All the best Loz
  8. All the best you big hairy \i/
  9. A Huge Happy Birthday mate
  10. have a good one Loz! large it!
  11. Happy Birthday mate, have a great one!
  12. Happy Birthday Loz, Have a beer or two to celebrate ;)
  13. Nah just ignore the birthday mate. You're not acting any older so you shouldn't admitt you are getting older.

    Just have a good day anyway though. :)
  14. Thanks you lot! If I wasn't so disorgynised I'd have sorted out a time for some drinks or summat. I might do it in a week or 2, as if you lot need any more excuses to chug beer!
  15. Have a good one mate =D
  16. 'avvaguddun!
  17. how old are ya karn? av a goody. get some drinks happening
  18. That would be 33.
  19. Have a good one!