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Happy Birthday lbfalcon & cookeetree

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by carolf_au, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Thought I'd get in early and wish you both many happy returns!!

    lb, have a good one!

    Cookeetree, hope Mrs Tree got you something you've always wanted - if not, we'll meet for coffee when you swap it! :LOL:

  2. oi, what's this pre-empting the greetings guy, carol??? :p :LOL:.

    j/k have a great day, both of yaz :).
  3. Oh, I didn't realise the greetings were automatic!!!

    Thought that was a little reminder on the index page :LOL:
  4. *gasps!* I can't believe you trumped Hornet!!! :wink:

    It's not until tomorrow, but thanks anyway.

    Mrs Tree's actually managed to keep it a secret for two days now. She's hopeless, though; she's already offered to give it to me early.

    I know one thing I'm getting, but only 'cause I'm buying it myself; a tank bag. Yaaaay!! :grin:

    PS - I'll be expecting a new round of "Happy Birthdays" tomorrow. :wink:
  5. Cookee you share your birthday with Goldie Hawn and Bjork - have you got a swan dress? :LOL:
  6. Maybe. I don't know what Mrs Tree bought me yet! :wink:

    Also share the day with Voltaire and Harpo Marx and it's also World Television Day. Kinda sums up my personality perfectly! :LOL:
  7. Happy Bday Cookeetree

    Keep up the forum funnies!

  8. And happy birthday to melchior3 as well :).
  9. Thanks, mate, I'll try! :p
  10. Happy Birthday Lee!! Hope you're having a great day!

    Happy Birthday Cookee!! What did the missus get you?
  11. Premature again, Carol. According to his profile, lb's birthday is on Saturday, 24th.

    Thanks again for your wishes. Don't know what she got me yet. I left for work at 5am. She wished me Happy Birthday, then rolled over back to sleep! :LOL:

    Time to start looking for a tank bag, though. :grin: