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Happy birthday LadyRider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Pinx, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Have a brilliant one :grin:

  2. Thank Pinkxie O:) from the whole of my heart

    i just wandered outside
    to smell the freshly mown grass
    and beautiful roses and flowers in the garden with the stunning sunshine on my face and enjoying the freshness of the morning

    as the realisation hit me this morning
    it is 20 years since my first Cancer Surgery at 23 years old it was shocking to come to grips with it back then to have 9 more over the years it is now 8 years since my last operation i am a lil :? this morning

    I Wish ALL Cancer survivers a loverly sunny day

    i hope to see many at the Pink Ribbon Ride on the 22nd October

    i am going to open the garage and take my bike for a nice ride through the hills this morning :biker: need a cruiser emote please Vic :grin:
  3. Happy Birthday LadyRider. Have a fantastic day!
  4. Many, many happy returns Lady!

    My youngest son is a survivor too. I like to think that it has made me a better person because of it too.

    I like to stop for a minute and enjoy and be thankful for what we have.

  5. [IMG:373:55:8e90e61753]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/sgcooke/Smiles/bday.gif[/img:8e90e61753]

    Enjoy the day & your ride.
  6. Awesome gif Charmed, I'll pretend I posted one like that to Lady Yamaha too. :)
  7. :birthday: ladyrider.
    Enjoy your ride....... not a bad day for it :grin:
  8. happy b'day have a good one!!!
  9. Happy birthday... enjoy your ride and the beautiful day.
  10. :birthday:

    Happy Birthday LadyRider!
  11. I didn't know your story, LR. So cancer tried to tackle you down 20 years ago, it insisted over another 9 ops... Holy crap - you are one determined woman!

    Cancer stole my dad away from me 12 years after diagnosis, and you're still going strong after 20!!! You sure gave it the big kick up the #rse! I know nothing is ever guaranteed, but $$$k you're doing well! Excuse my bad language, but sometimes the shock/strength of emotion requires it... @%$#! @%$#!!!

    You go girl. Be proud of who you are. [note to self: don't mess with LadyRider. #rse kicking not worth it :wink: ]

    I'll see you on the Pink Ribbon ride. Come up to me on my little blade wearing a pink jacket (unless it's really hot).
  12. Hi Pinkxie
    yeah i understand what you mean about being strong in ones self
    i have to be :grin: so yep you have figured me out :-k

    if that wasnt enough the head on car accident 1999 surely tried to stop me walking as well but i am not letting docs say i cant ride my horse(s) ect :twisted: So getting really annoyed with myself and doing everything just to defy them :grin: as well as relationship betrayal at the same time :roll:
    ahhhh well My mates understand me :rofl: :facepalm:

    definatly see you at the Pink Ribbon ride darl

    i will be on my 250 silver and black Hyosung Aquila with my new friend :cool: I dyed A white Teddy bear Pink of whom will be wearing a matching black tassled vest i made her :cool: to be just like me with my tassled jacket and panias :grin:

    we will have Pink ribbons flying every where \:D/ :facepalm:

    Ok am nicking of again on the bike exellent riding out there even if it is a tad windy
  13. After all that, Happy Birthday scarcely seems adequate.....

    But Happy Birthday anyway, especially so as each one has been precious :grin:
  14. Thanks Hornet600

    :birthday: wishes from like minded motorbike peoples makes me feel united and safe out there i thank Everyoen for your kind regard's
    well me is just me
    i dont hold malice or negativity towards anyone
    i just smile and make others laugh as much as i can
    there is one thing that i really get annoyed about
    is when a healthy person stubs their toe and winges :-k
    i try to be tactfull honest i do :grin:

    Oh is there anyone out there that also has Fibrmyalgia ?
    its a bugga to deal with day to day

    gawd i hafta shurrup
    giveing my miserable life crap :shock:

    aaahhh well
    ya know ya life is breezy
    when ya step in a cow paddy
    sometimes ya can shake it off
    then again
    sometimes its like a frog in a loo
    ya juzt cant quite jump high enough
  15. So the cancer wasn't enough crap for you to deal with - you had more?! Ok, my life's awesome! Damn... stubbed my toe ;) wa wa wa wa...

    At least we have our bikes.
  16. Happy Birthday! and many more good wishes for the day! :grin:
  17. happy birthday lady
  18. mmmmmmmmm, fairly amazing LadyRider, hope your day is nothing short of brilliant!
  19. Happy Birthday my sweet, hope your day was a good 'un and Loggerman got you lots of goodies - or one or two anyway :)