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Happy Birthday Kowai :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kitt, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:


    hope you have an awesome day :p
    :dance: :beer: :dance:
  2. I'l jump in before Nickers :LOL:
    Happy birthday. Have a drink or 2 on Nickers behalf, he would like that :beer: :birthday:
  3. err, yeah, happy birthday!
  4. Happy birthday....

    have a great day, whatever you get up too.

    see you soon.

  5. Happy Birthday indeed, Kowai !!!
    Hope you're having a great day !
    Being that I'm engulfed with paperwork/study for 2-3 months of constant examining, I HIGHLY recommend you have a drink or ten for me !!!

    kinkybinky : You read my mind mate :cool:
  6. The lock up garage will be available when i get back from Japan. Feel free to drop me a pm if u wanna leave ya bike here. Cheers
  7. Working on one at the moment..bro's checking it out. If it falls through, I'll let ya know. Cheers bud.