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Happy Birthday Kishy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Whippet, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Happy Birthday Kishy (if you are still here.lol)

    :dance: :birthday: :dance:

    Wishing you a ripper year ahead :grin:
  2. +1! Big fella.
  3. Yay for Kishy!!!

    I hope those 6km are extra special for you today!
  4. Happy Birthday..

    Heres your present all wrapped up

  5. and where is the big fella?

    Happy Birthday Kishy, hope it's going well for you.
  6. banned, again, I think
  7. I figured so but i guess he'll still be lurking.
  8. Happy Belated Birthday mate !!!
    cause I know you are reading this :p
    PS: I thought your B'day was weeks ago :?
  9. Kishy Bro, I had no idea... you kept that quiet!!

    Happy birthday you lug!

    hugs n kisses. :)
  10. All the very best Kishy wherever you are mate :)
  11. Happy birthday, whiteboy.
  12. Yay Kishy. Hope it was good.