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Happy Birthday K8!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dom, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday K8! Hope you had a fan-bloody-tastic time. I trust you got out on the bike and went for a burl. :birthday:

  2. Bestest birthday greetings K8. Hope you had a great one :birthday: :beer:
  3. happy birfdee k8, don't suppose anybody slipped a little 07 Sprint in ya birfdee card for ya did they?
  4. Hi Nobby!

    Nope, I think K8 is still waiting! I'm starting a collection for the "Happy Birthday K8, here's a Sprint for you" fund....

    ....wait a minute...no I'm not!
  5. Thanks guys :)
    Eating and drinking all w/e and yes , lots of riding. I actually left the valley and went in to the city for lunch with my daughter in Elwood at her new flat ., so it was a good day.

    No sprint keys in a card though Nobby lol. Good news is that the 2007 sprint is now at Peter Stevens Ringwood , with more arriving next week, and they are bringing in the same as released in the UK. On track for a January upgrade for me . Woohoo. Red or Black is the big question. Red means a whole new wardrobe :demon: That would be good.

    Now you know why I wasn't at the gippy do cruisinggal :) . Date with my daughter , but I'll be at the next one.

    Thanks Dom. What a gr8 m8 you are . Thats the last time though you get all those guys to yourself on the sunday runs O:)
  6. Ya...Harpy birfday 2 u! :wink:
  7. Happy Birthday for yesterday K8!!! Hope to see you out on another ride real soon. :)
  8. Cheers Speed and Rosie.
    Very much appreciated. :)