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Happy Birthday Johnny O.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MVrog, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Have a good one, Johnny.

    Spewin' that I will miss the Party/ Piss-up.
  2. Johnnie the boy, he's done it again :LOL:
    Hope you get a root :smileysex: pull a mono :biker: and dance up a storm John :dance: preferably not all at once :-k althooough :grin: :birthday:
  3. Happy birthday fella!!! Hope it's a good one.
  4. All the very best Johnny
  5. You have birthdays???

    You look so youthful I just assumed you'd made a pact with the Devil to avoid them. :LOL:

    Hope you have a great day.
  6. Happy Birthday Johnny! Have a great day, and night tonight :)
  7. Happy anniversary of your birth mate :) :beer:
  8. Me too, JO :).
  9. Happy Birthday Johnnie, hope your day is an absolute blast!
  10. :birthday: Johnny!!! Hope you had an awesome day and an even better night tonight. Sorry I can't make it. Must be a popular night for parties tho, 3 invites but can only chose one.....
  11. Happy birthday mate! I'll try to make it to the booze fest tonight. :beer:
  12. Happy Birthday Johnny !!!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday Johnny :)
    c you later 2night :)

  14. happy birthday johnny hope you have a great nite
  15. Happy birthday, hope you had a great night!
  16. Thanks everyone :grin: I am slowly piecing together last nights events, I think I had fun? :LOL:
  17. Happy Birthday BTW and I say if your still trying to piece the night together you had a hell of a good time :)
  18. Why not? reckon J.O. is more than able to do all of these things at the same time. Damm about missing the party. Reckon there should be at least two Saturdays in every week. Best birthday wishes J.O. x x x x x
  19. I'm a smidge late, but Happy birthday John. :grin:
  20. Oh but you're not..... it's tomorrow...... you are early :)

    Thanks Dude :grin: