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Happy birthday Jadey

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Azz, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Happy birthday baby :birthday:

    Hope you have a great day & all your birthday wishes come true :grin:


  2. :birthday:
  3. Happy anniversary of your birth Jaayyyydddeeee :)

    Hope you have a rockin day! :grin:
  4. Wow, 14 minutes in and the good wishes start flowing :LOL:

    Let me add mine too, have a great day :)
  5. happy birthday jadey

    Cheers stewy & Lenna
  6. Happy Birthday Jadey :)
  7. Happy birthday! Been a while since I've seen you guys, lets change that :)
  8. Happy birthday Jadey!
  9. oh thanks guys :grin:

    What a way to wake up... breakfast in bed... yummy pancakes!!!

    Then going to head out for a ride shortly :grin: me on the 650 and Azz test riding the 1200GS!!! lets hope the weather clears up a little.
  10. Avagoodun Jadey y'ole beemer-ridin' fart!
  11. Happy Birthday Jadey

    Have a great day and even better ride :)
  12. alas, Azz is quick on the ball, was it planned, i think not!

    Have a good one Jadey, hope you and Azz enjoy the day riding around (tell me you both took the day off work?).
  13. Happy Birthday Jadey!!
  14. Happy Birthday Jadey, hope the weather fines up for your ride. Is there a trip planned to Launceston to pick this one up? :wink:
  15. Yay for Birthdays :birthday: neighbour. Although I cant help but notice that Azz's Happy birthday sign, had sexy silouettes of gals,and not guys for you Jadey :wink:
  16. Onya hunny. Happy Birthday ;)
  17. Thanks for all the b'day wishes guys and gals!
    Had a good one and was spoilt.