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Happy Birthday Iffracem

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Black Magic, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Happy Birthday for Saturday Iffracem!
    (Lucky you aren't as old as DT huh? :LOL: )

    Hope you have a good one. Catch you on a ride soon.

  2. Happy birthday iffracem.
  3. Happy Birthday :)
  4. Happy Birthday Iffracem!

    Soon you'll be as old as some of your bikes :LOL:
  5. Happy B'day mate.....will have a belated b'day drinks with you next week

    Cheers stewy
  6. happy birthday to you iffracem.....

    have a great time on saturday

  7. Ta...

    Watchya mean not as old as DT?.. when I were HIS age I had to walk 15 mile in a single worn out sandshoe just to see a calendar! Not one of your noo fangled calenders wiv a colour picture.. no, just a bunch of lines scratched........

    ooh sorry, old age getting to me.:?

    And Muttly 'ol boy, if I had a bike that was built in 1960 that was still running now, I'd be a very happy old man :wink:

    Feel free to drop in Sat evening for a drink or two, let me know and I'll chuck an extra burnt offering on the BBQ.

    The shed is all just about systems go, so routine maintenance, chain adjusting, servicing etc lessons are available to all.

  8. Congrats old fella. Once you reach old fart status, whats another year on the tally.

    Have a beer for me. :grin:
  9. congrats old man.... :p is it Jamersons? celebration on saturday (that will make 2 birthday parties sat!) or dija just want me to leave it in the shed on the shelf on my way out?
  10. Happy birthday JJ, have a fantastic day mate. :grin: I'll be celebrating at the same time. My youngest turns 10 on Saturday as well. :cool:
  11. All the best JJ. :beer:
  12. Happy Birthday, JJ, enjoy yourself
  13. happy birthday, hope u have a great day on saturday
  14. From one old fart to another, Happy Birthday Iffracem. [​IMG]
  15. Happy birthdeeeee Jim
  16. Belated, but Happy Birthday :grin: