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Happy Birthday ICE ( ice baby....)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Churro Monster, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Heya Shaun! Happy Birthday to you baby. Sux you have to work today - but we will make up for it tonight with some meat on a stick :LOL:

    i will leave that for people to guess what we are doing.

    Kate xoxoxoxoox

    :birthday: :dance: \:D/ :woot:
  2. Happy Birthday buddy; you go that meat!
  3. err, yeah, happy birthday :)
  4. Happy Birthday Shaun
  5. :birthday: Shaun, hope you have a great day and ummmm.....enjoy tonight :shock:
  6. Happy Birthday Shaun.

    +1 to all those wishing you well tonight!
  7. Its all clean guys! were going to Blue Fire Grill at Docklands - where they bring all types of meat out all night on big Sword type of things and carve it at the table. mmm. Netrider had a steak night there not that long ago. Its fantastic! 1/2 price Tuesdays too. yay

    we just refer to it as "meat on a stick" :wink:
  8. sure you do :LOL:
  9. Happy Birthday Shaun !

    Have a good one!
  10. Happy Birthday Shaun! Hope to catch up with you soon my friend.

    Have a wonderful day :grin:
  11. Happy birthday Shaun :birthday:

    Hope you have a great night out and enjoy your "meat on a stick" :wink: :wink:

    Have to catch up with you and Kate soon, feels like forever since we last saw you guys...

    Azz & Jadey

  12. Happy Birthday Shaun! I hope your birthday was a good one. Will try and catch up with ya tomorrow in Geelong.

    Lots a love, me, "mom & dad" and that nutty Hawthorn supporter!! Oh and the Smurf!!


  13. Happy birthday Shauny! :grin: :birthday:
  14. Avagoodun doode.
  15. Happy birthday my alltime dodgy nursing mate :wink: Hope kate and urself enjoyed ur meat on a stick tonight! its the middle of the night and yes us shit kicking nurses do night shift from time to time but hey i guess you guys could be up to a little more than meat on a stick rite now :LOL: sweetdreams to australia's most lovable couple!!!
    Catchya soonish. Cheers JB
  16. Thankyou sooo much everyone for your wishes, means alot. Had a great birthday. Cheers Shaun.
  17. Happy Belated Birthday dood.

    Hope you had a fcuken awesome one.
  18. Happy Birthday Shaun it's still Tuesday...isn't it?

    :birthday: \:D/ :birthday:

    Hope you had a great day.

    Sounds like the carivorous feast was well enjoyed - the food must have been good too :wink:

    And my warmest wishes to you both for your upcoming trip.
  19. Happy birthday for yesterday Shaun!!! Best wishes for the year ahead :)

    Shell xoxo
  20. Happy belated birthday Shaun!! All the best for this next year of your life. :)