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Happy Birthday ibast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by goz, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. All the best mate :birthday::birthday::birthday:

  2. Happi berfdai!!

    *Please note: people who stay up late beyond midnight on a work night do not do so due to lack of friends, or desire for cheap pronz download... just sayin.... ;)
  3. Happy Birthday mate ! Have a good one (y)
  4. i had a nana nap when i got home from work, 3 hours later i woke up :shock: friggin wide awake now
  5. My excuse is that I'm still young, and hence I'm awake during party time... ;)

    However my (older) party companion has crashed out.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY iBAST! Hope you stay wide awake for lots of awesome birthday stuff and Goz doesn't find a(nother) grey hair tomorrow to match his 'nanna' nap!!
  6. one of netrider's shining stars, hope the sun shines brightly for YOU today mate :).
  7. Thank you all for my wishes. Unfortunately I have to work today and have to do some stuff I don't want to do tonight. So I'm looking forward to celebrating more on the weekend.

    btw I'm Jealous of Goz's nanna nap.
  8. Happy Birthdayiblast have a good one
  9. ....have a good one mate!!..... Er... I mean Captain!!:D
  10. happy birthday all the best
  11. Where's the cake?
  12. I'm not really into cakes.

    I much prefer a tart.
  13. A tart jumping out of a cake? 8-[
  14. Thank would be a case of have your cake and eating it too.
  15. Happy Birthday! I wish you many happy returns & as many tarts as you can eat!

    Both kinds.
  16. Happy birthday, ibast - have a fantabulous weekend!!!

  17. Thanks all again for the birthday wishes. It ended up being a good weekend.
  18. I only just saw this.
    Happy birthday mate. Good to hear you had a good one.