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Happy Birthday - Hornet600 & rc36honda

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. :birthday: to both of the twins :beer: for tomorrow, 57 years young.

    Give my birthday greetings to rc on my behalf please Paul.....


  2. Happy bithday guys :)
  3. Paul, and Geoff, you are most kind, and I'll certainly pass on your greetings when we convene for the birthday barbie at RC's place tomorrow arvo.....
  4. Best wishes to the Dynamic Duo, have a great birthday :grin:
  5. happy birthday to you
  6. happy birthday to you.. :grin:
  7. Many happy returns to the both of you.

    (Which one is the evil twin?)
  8. hope you have a fantastic day mr hornet

    and save me some cake hmmm birthday cake..... :)

    celebrating with another 276 postings for the day Paul??
  10. :birthday: doubletrouble :wink:

    I hope the both of you have a great day.

    :grin: :grin:
  11. A very happy birthday to you both!

  12. Happy Birthday Fellas! :beer:
    Hope you both have an awesome day! :birthday:
  13. Happy Birthday Guys!

    Have a great one!
  14. Happy Birthday Guyys - hope you have an awesome day!!
  15. Happy happy birthday birthday fellas fellas.
  16. Happy Birthday to both of you.
  17. Happy birthday there fellas
    all the best on the special Day :)
  18. :birthday: :beer:

    Happy birthday to both of you
  19. :birthday: Guys, hope you have a great 1 :beer: :beer: :cheeky: [/img]
  20. Happy Birthday Chaps. :grin: