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Happy Birthday Heli

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Stever42, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. HeliHeli Happy Birthday.
    Hope you have a great day out there on your tour.

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  2. Happie birfday.
  3. Happy birthday :woot:
  4. Happy Birthday fellow Mothership pilot.
  5. Haps to you sir!
  6. Happy birthday HeliHeli
  7. Happy Birthday HeliHeli
  8. yeah have a good one mate
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  9. Hope you had a good day Heli.
  10. Thanks all; and a birthday first that I could have done without, a call to BMW Assist! Nice ride around the hills out from the Gold Coast and the mirrors were both out of adjustment, eventually tracked back to the complete dash/headlamp assembly having dropped significantly. Two bolts shaken out of their mounts, home remedy didn't work as the fuel tank is in the way, will be fixed by tomorrow.

    Other than that, a new pair of BMW pants can't be a bad pressie :cool:

    See you at the Icicle Ride :singing:
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  11. HBD.
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  12. Happy Bday
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