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Happy birthday haggis !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. :birthday:

    He is not telling anyone. :LOL:
    He briefly mentioned it to gegvasco and I tonight !

    So give the old scottsman a hearty birthday greeting !!!

  2. Happy birthday mate. Did ye get a new sporran laddie???? :LOL:
  3. Haggis and I spent the day on the Putty and wollombi and the old road ,what a day to spend your birthday :grin: .

    Happy birthday mate.
  4. :music: :grin: :birthday: Dennis,
    :grin: :birthday: Dennis,
    :grin: :birthday: :wink: Denniiiiis
    :grin: :birthday: Dennis :music: :applause: :applause:
    soooooo how many?
  5. Well lets see First there was Adam and then Moses and then Hagg...:bolt:
  6. Future ,knows this because he was there :LOL:
  7. Hey anyone over 23 on Netriders is past it.... :smileysex:
  8. Happy (belated) birthday mate, and many more to come.
  9. happy birthday Dennis..............sorry I missed ya last night.


  10. :birthday: Dennis.

    Should've said something on the weekend & we could've done cake for you too !!!

    Hope you had a great day.
  11. Happy birthday Haggis!! Hope you had a great day and all the best for this nxt yr of yours. See ya in a few wks :woot:
  12. You checky bugger, kept that quite. :LOL:

    Happy belated birthday mate. Sounds like you had a good day riding.
    Cheers Lou & Toohey
  13. Sorry sooo late Dennis

    Trust you had a great day out riding with Sled :cool:
  14. Happy Birthday, you old Horneteer!!!