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Happy Birthday Greydog

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GreyBM, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. GreydogGreydog

    Happy birthday, Mandy. Hope it is a great one full of laughs and birthday hugs and the year ahead is filled with good rides and good company.

    I'd ask when the birthday ride is on but the last one I went on didn't turn out so well
  2. Hey Mandy. Happy birthday!! Those times I have been to Saturday practice you have always been there, the Black Dog ride TEC. You make a difference. :cool:
  3. Happy Bday!
  4. Happy B'Day Mandy. Hope you had a lovely day.
  5. hope you had a great day
  6. Happy Birthday Mandy
  7. Happy Birthday Mandy, hope you had a great day.
  8. Noooo, not related. The grey in his name refers to his old bike. The grey in my name refers to the greyhounds I own.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Had to work, so just another day really...

    One year closer to crazy old lady status...
  9. Oh, and looks like the NR bot hates me (no birthday bot for Greydog :( )and the only reason I saw this thread was that I was tagged in it and that came up in my alerts. Didn't show in my new posts...
  10. Next year we will get you shopping bags and lots of cats.
  11. I have enough cats and shopping bags, thank you very much...
  12. You can never have enough shopping bags.

    Besides cats love shopping bags.
  13. hope you had a great day babe xxxxxxxxxxx
  14. Happy birthday!
  15. Have a great day.
  16. Have a good one mate.
  17. Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one =D
  18. Happy B'Day Mandy :)
  19. Thanks guys. Day was ok.

    Our cats LOVED the paper shopping bags - anyone here old enough to remember those (yes GreyBMGreyBM i know you are)? The plastic ones just don't hold the same fascination, just as well too.