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Happy Birthday Greybm!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by LizzyM, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. :birthday: aVczgz0. Hope your birthday will be happy and special... much like you!

    Love from LizzyM

  2. :LOL: Enjoy your *cough* MID *cough* life mate! :p

    Happy anniversary of your birth! :grin:
  3. happy birthday mate.
  4. lol@Rob
    Happy Birthday mate!
  5. happy birthday mate
  6. Happy Birthday Sir,

    hope you had a great day

  7. Can't believe I missed it!!

    Have a good one old chap!! My that BM continue putting around the traps for a long time to come (with you riding it of course!!)

    Hippo Birdy

  8. I haven't been online for the last few days so belated thanks to all, especially LizzyM.

    Have been busy fitting some extra lights on the bike, watching lots of sparks and replacing a bucket load of fuses in preparation for the Icicle Ride.

    I take the point about mid life Rob. If I am only mid life then I am going to live to one hell of an age. Still I may be old, but I am immature at heart.

    Thanks again guys. Much appreciated.
  9. Bum, I hadn't seen this one.... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!
  10. Me too Grey, Happy belated birthday. :) Sorry didn't see this thread earlier.