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Happy Birthday Goddie!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Aly, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday

  2. Hippy barthday!!! :birthday:
  3. ..to goddie!
    Hope you had a good one
  4. Happy birthday man
  5. As above Mate,
  6. Happy Birthday Godwin, Have a wonderful time!!
  7. From Lizzy and me, Happy Birthday Goddie.

    I would wish you a great day but as you spent it with me I know you've already had one. So have a great night.
  8. :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:

    Dear Goddie

    Hoping you have had an awesome day

    B and I

  9. Happy birthaversary mate!

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  10. Aww damn, how come I didn't know it was your birthday earlier today Goddie? Another excuse for a fuzzy jumper hug!

    Have a great birthday!
  11. You kept that quiet on the ride today mate.

    Happy birthday anyway.
  12. Many happy returns Goddie :)
  13. You rock Goddie! A prince amongst men.
  14. have a good one
  15. Hmmmm, you never said anything. No cake at practice this morning....

    Happy Birfday, Mate.
  16. thanks for the well wishes folks, and yes Doug, thought about bringin cake seeing I always bust newbee's chops about cake lol
    And clokced up 26 years annversay to boot on the 19th, yes I know, less for double murder lol
    had agreat birthday, seeing the morning folk at prac then spening most of the day riding :) and 'made to the church on time' missus asked me to be there for a 6pm'r
    The chockies broken out at Baccus Marsh was the celebration 'cake' sorry folks at Elwood, IF I remeber [being the old age of 52, I might forget lol] will see if I can bring a cake down to prac session :). thanks again people, looking forward to next sunday's ride, I am hoping it will be a beauty of a day like yesterday!!
  17. Happy Birthday Goddie for yesterday. A great sunny ride day for it.
  18. twas a beautiful day for it Chris, seeing weather report for next sunday might be a tad cloudy but as long as it stays dry hopefully will make the ride huge next sunday :)
  19. Hope so, got my booking in for that ride and will probably make the Ring Road McDonalds meet.