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Happy Birthday Eswen

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 21, 2006.

  1. ..... in its own thread, no less! :LOL:

    Have a spendiforous day :grin:
  2. :birthday:

    Much love for a gorgeous day and fabulous fun night Es. thanks for your on-line chutzpah, your off-beat threads and your good humour. may your day be filled with chocolate flavoured fantasies :wink:

    loadsaluv, carri x

    (excuse repeat - posted this originally under your dinner thread. thought i'd copy it across to the 'correct thread' to add to my post count :) )
  3. happy bithday eswen... :grin: :grin:
    ill see u tonight .... oh yeah with present in hand :wink:
  4. Happy Birthday Eswen. :grin:
    I hope you have an awesome day and get spoiled silly!!! :beer:
  5. Happy Birthday Es, see you tonight for yummy foooood :)
  6. Happy birthday Es! Remember that Chocolate is your friend.
  7. Happy Birthday Eswen.
    Viva La Chocolat. :grin:
  8. Happy bday Es, see you tonight... hope ur guy spoils you silly today :grin:

    can never have too much chocolate :wink:
  9. Happy Birthday Eswen!! Hope you have a great day and wonderful night!

  10. Many happy returns Eswen, have a great night out with all your mates :birthday:
  11. Happy birthdy girly, hope its a good one!
  12. thanks guys!!! Aparently im not allowed to buy my own cake, andrew has something planned.... :shock: hope it has lots of chocolate :LOL:

    so far the tally is $50 from grandma $150 from parents (which has all gone to good use aready!) and lots of love from various friends :)

    Im really excited because a friend i havent seen in years is supposed to be coming up to visit and she might be bringing her baby too!!!! :grin:
  13. happy bday
  14. what no chocolate yet?? :eek:
  15. Happy Eswen Day Birthday!

    no lets try that again.....

    Happy Birthday Chocolate.....

    You know what I mean... :)

    Have a great day!

  16. Happy Birthday Es! :birthday: :beer: Seeya tonight. :)
  17. Happy Birthday Eswen. Enjoy your day & have fun at your show tonight.
  18. happy birthday :)
  19. Happy Birthday Es - may your day be filled with much chocolate, with a crisp candy shell :LOL:.
  20. :birthday: Es.

    As 99% of contributors have said, I hope chocolate is involved :p

    Also enjoy the first day of your last year as a "Teenager" :wink: