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Happy Birthday Edgelett

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Hey Tash, it's your special day, have a wonderful birthday today.

  2. Happy Birthday to a wonderful NR with a GREAT taste for bikes :wink:

    Have a Lovely Day Tash !!!!
  3. Edgie spent the first few hours of her birthday barfing up a storm alone at my place while we were out having brewskies and browskies with Matt. We then had a nice brekkie, followed by a hugely entertaining one hour on the Tulla waiting for the cops to clear an accident that didn't end up being very... There.

    Hope ya hadagoodun ya boozy wench and hope yer at home coppin a proper birthday root from Tony, but rest assured if you'd missed the plane I'd have rolled up the sleeves and made sure you were looked after. :p
  4. from loz's description above i hope you had a better day today tash!!!

    happy bday though :)
  5. Happy birthday Edgie, looks like you had a good one!
  6. Hope ya had a beauty Edgelet :)
  7. Happy Birthday Tash. Was good seeing you at coffee Friday night.
    Hope you had a great weekend =D
  8. thanks heaps everyone, esp Loz & Cheng for looking after me today!
    Flip was good to see you too, hope that next time i'm in town I can come to friday coffee for a lot longer!

    thanks heaps, had a great day.
  9. Happy birthday for sunday Tash
  10. Happy Birthday Edgie :) Hope the birthday fairy brings you a Dark Fire...
  11. Tash, I was away for the weekend, so I missed it. Hope your birthday ended better than it started.
  12. i definitely got a happy ending! :twisted:
  13. Too much information.