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Happy Birthday Dougz

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. have a great day, mate :).

  2. happy Birthday dougs
  3. happy birthday mate.
  4. Have a great day, Dougal.
  5. Happy Birthday mate !!!
    Hope it's a good one
  6. Happy Birthday :)

    Hope its the best one yet :LOL:
  7. Dougz bro, for your birthday, I grant you a bodily injury free day :) You can resume normal programming tomorrow. :LOL:

    Happy birthday dude! Hope you'll bring it in style.

    'ava good one! :)
  8. Happy Birthday mate. Hope the Canadians are being good to you.
  9. Have a great day Dougz :cool:
  10. Avagoodun Mr. Howser, M.D.
  11. Happy birthday mate :beer:
  12. Have a great day mate. :cool:
  13. It'd be your birthday, roughly now, your time Dougz.
    Happy birthday mate!
  14. I hope that in Canada, you don't get called "Dude"
  15. happy birthday :)
  16. :birthday:
  17. :birthday:

    it's party time
  18. Happy Birthday from LizzyM and me. Hope you had a great one.
  19. Thanks for the wishes everyone :) Had a blast this weekend! I'm paying for it today (Monday here) though :LOL: Fri, Sat and Sun completely written off in downtown Toronto

  20. Ya didn't let us down bro! :) :beer: