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Happy birthday donski1

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sarz, May 4, 2008.

  1. :birthday: Happy birthday Donna!
    Hope your headache ain't as bad as mine :beer: :sick:

    :) Enjoy you day

  2. Thanks Sarz. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Great hanging out with you. We ran out of steam about an hour after you.
    Yeah, headache not too bad, but my lungs are cursing me. Think I'm in for a low key day.
  3. Happy Birthday Donna.

  4. Happy Birthday Donna! Hope you had a great day :)
  5. Hey Donna - happy birthday! Hope you've had a wonderful one! I hope you ended up a little better the morning after than the one a few weeks ago! :wink:
  6. Happy Birthday Donna! Hope you had a great one :cool:
  7. Oh damn missed it......hope you had a wonderful day donna

    Cheers stewy :)
  8. Shucks, thanks guys, much appreciated
  9. sooo ya gonna tell us....how old you are :p
  10. Ummmm. no! Still slightly freaked and working hard towards accepting the fact, so until I reach that lofty goal - lips are sealed!
  11. Happy Birthday Donna!

  12. Avagoodun ya clown!
  13. Happy birthday from me too! :grin:
  14. Better late than never!

    Hope you had a great birthday Donna!
  15. Lets buy ourselves birthday trips to chamonix :grin:
  16. I'm late but happy birthday anyway. :grin:
  17. well a happy belated birthday too youu
  18. happy belated birthday