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Happy Birthday Deyago

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by G, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Happy Birthday Brother D. :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. happy birthday Deyago.

  3. Have a Great Day Jake :grin: and lots of celebratry drinks on the weekend to boot :wink:
  4. Happy Birthday from across the Bass!!
    Hope you are having another party at Casa del Jake!!
    Best wishes..looking forward to catching up at the GP..:)
  5. :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

    Hope you have a great day!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Jake.
  7. have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Happy birthday Jake..... too bad it's too cold to wear you birthday suit today :LOL:
  9. Happy Birthday Jake! :grin: :birthday: :beer:
  10. Triple ditto!!

    Big man hug to ya. :)
  11. Have a good 'un Bloke :beer:
  12. happy days, Jake, hope to see you down in Melbourne soon.....
  13. Happy birthday Jake, all the best mate.
  14. Happy Birthday Deyago!! :birthday:

    Hope you have a great day :grin:
  15. :birthday:
  16. Thanks guys and ladies, much appreciated :) .

    My day started with a trip to the local tip to drop some crap off and finished with some totally bad service from the brainless staff at the Angler's Tavern in Footscray which resulted in me not getting my birthday dinner but a mouthful of bad attitude from the waitress/slag and manager/amateur retard for not doing our order properly. Let me just say a big birthday "go and fcuk yourself Angler's Tavern" :twisted: :furious:

    On the bright side my shed now has a partial mezzanine in one corner, a cool woolly jumper from Mum, multiple tools from Dad (plus helping to build the mezzanine :grin: ), lots of happy wishes from my mates and....

    ....Mel has bought me a session for level 1 at the Superbike School that just happens to coincide with some of my favourite riding buddies :biker: .

    Oh Baby. What a day! :grin: :LOL:
  17. Have a good one mate, and Mel knows what you want.
    Hope it doesn't rain for you...
  18. Hey Jakie baby

    Havagoodun maaaaate!
  19. Hey Jake, Happy belated birthday :)
  20. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!!!

    Jake, Looking forward to getting through level 1 wit ya bro :) With the fine NR crew that's gonna be there, it should be brilliant!!! Well done Mellliiieeeee!!!

    Sorry I can't share a jar with you... family committments you know... speaking of which, I really need to get rolling!!

    Outa here.

    Have a good one man! :)