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Happy Birthday Deadman

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by goz, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. All the best old fella :)

  2. Happy birthday Deadman from LizzyM and me. Hope you had a good one.
  3. Have a great day Deadman, every day is one closer to when you freely fly with your bird again....
  4. A thread revival with a purpose, just missed your birthday for '15, hope it was a great one, Brian :)
  5. Hmm, I wonder why a new Birthday thread wasn't created. Oh well. I wished you HB in another ride thread but Happy Birthday again. :)
  6. 'Cos I haven't heard from Brian for a while, did a search, and this old birthday thread came up :)
  7. Happy Birthday Brian.
    I haven't seen any of these being sent out for quite a while.
    Since the new version possibly ?
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  8. Happy birthday deadmandeadman Keep winding that speedo back...works for me most days ;)

    Was GeorgeOGeorgeO 's birthday on the 6 june as well!
  9. 6/6 - sign of the devil??

    Blatant discrimination. Birthday thread disabled. I'm crying inside now