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Happy Birthday Dante..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. .. freezing to death in Hobart, but loving his Hayabusa, have a great 28th birthday, mate :).

  2. Happy birthday mate ,hope your enjoying the Busa down there in the twistys . :cool:
  3. :birthday: Dante.
  4. was a good birthday, spent the everning till bout 8pm :LOL: ) at joes garage then got some cake!
    My fiance cooked 1 mud cake, 1 fudge cake, 1 carrot cake, 1 cheese cake, 2 batches of chocolate muffins. YUM.

    :p now i should mention i ate, 3/4 of the carrot cake, 1/2 the mud cake, 1/2 the fudge cake, almost the entire cheese cake.. but i shared the muffins at my work!

    at the moment im just looking at charter fishing places as i want to go for a day of deep sea fishin for my bucks 'day' :wink:
  5. Hey congrats mate that greats news ,about getting to eat all the cake.

    Now about the new wife ,DON'T DO IT !!!! :LOL:
    Naa only joking its great getting married I've done it a few times . :wink:
  6. Happy Belated Birthday Dante !!!
    Hope it was a good one