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Happy Birthday Chilliman64

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ST59, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Happy birthday chilliman64chilliman64

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  2. many thanks mate, much appreciated!
  3. Nearly missed this one! Hope you had a great day mark. Tell us about your birthday ride

    Unless it was in your bedroom. Then you don't have to tell ;-)

    Happy birthday mate. May the ape riding motorcycle gods smile upon you for all the miles in your future, may they keep the bugs off your visor when drinking coffees that cost way more than $1.20, may they keep you safe from kangaroos (and may they keep kangaroos safe from your tuono!), may they keep you free from punctures and flat batteries, and may they keep the men in blue occupied with other duties when you and your steed hit the road.

    I'm just going to have a moment of silence for all the rubber on the edges of your tires that you leave on the road as you drag your knees through the hills atop a screaming V4. What a thought...
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  4. um
  5. how poetic, you talents are being wasted working on the tools mate, you may have a career on the stage or as a philosopher
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  6. yeah
    but dont give up your day job just yet
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  7. I can talk shit with the best of them. Could have been a good polly...
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  8. Nah, you're too cool for a polly.
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