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Happy birthday Chengaleng!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Loz, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Have a great day my sweet sexy biatch :)

  2. Happy birthday cheng.....Hope Loz is looking after you today!!!! :wink:

    Cheers Stewy & Lenna
  3. Happy happy birthday Cheng. May you have lots of love and happiness on your birthday and all the good things in life, plus birthday goodies like best wishes, cake and good wine. Luv rognsu.
  4. Ah Cheng my darling, happy birthday :LOL:
  5. :birthday: hope you have a fuuuuuunnnnnnn time don't drink too much, lol ahhhhhh what the heck drink heaps heaps and heaps more cause it seems to be a standard netrider hobby :beer:
  6. Happy Birthday Cheng!!

    have a drink or 6 and Hope Loz is giving you lots of prezzies!
  7. Happy birthday Cheng! Hope you get spoilt :wink:
  8. Yours? She told me she was mine... :)

    Have a wonderful day, I know Loz will make sure you get your prezzie. Several times if necessary!
  9. Happy Birthday Beautiful :)

    :birthday: :beer:
  10. ... I predict birthday nookies for you... :smileysex: :LOL:

    Have a great anniversary of your birth Cheng!! :grin:
  11. Hey Cheng!! Happy Birthday sweetie...have a great day.
  12. Wahey! Thanks guys! :beer:

    Loz booked me a massage session -- I've been guaranteed incapacitating bliss for days after, which he will take full advantage of, no doubt.

    A friend brought me out last night for $28 nips of aged rum and this intriguing frozen gin with vermouth... Could definitely get used it =P~ :beer:

    Great day back atcha all :)
  13. Happy birthday!!!! Usual rule - do something silly :LOL:
  14. Happy Birthday Cheng :birthday:
  15. Wishing you the happiest of happy birthdays Cheng! :grin:
  16. Happy Birthday Chengaleng.

    Hope you have a fantastic day.... hang on, is that the time??? Hope you had a fantastic day, and I hope that Loz spoiled you lots and lots.

    from all three of us :birthday:
  17. Happy Birthday Cheng! :birthday: :grin:
  18. :birthday: CHENG!!!!!!

    Hope you're having a good one!!!!!!!!
  19. happy birthday cheng!!!
  20. 'Twas an excellent, relaxed day :) My boy makes me very, very happy.

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes.