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Happy birthday Cejay

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MVrog, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Have a good one, Cliff. Hope someone gives you an engine.

  2. Happy birthday CJ - hope it's a good one mate :grin:
  3. :birthday: hope u have a great day
  4. Happy bday you clown!
  5. happy birthday mate :)
  6. To the most lithe pom I know, Chug a lug bud! Happy birthday :)
  7. [​IMG] Happy Birthday for tomorrow Cejay - gotta be your day the race too [​IMG] BBx
  8. Happy Birthday to my no. 1 (and only) supplier.....Cejay! :grin:

    Hope it's a great year for you

    xxRosie :)
  9. Good God, 41. Bugger!

    And, with the little SV dead, not even a chance to have a giggle on the track. But, it does mean I can have a late one this evening. Liz is taking me to a nice Pakistani restaurant..Yum!
  10. happy birthday hope ya have a good year
  11. Happy Birthday Ceejay :birthday:

    Don't let the sv dramas get in the way of your birthday weekend!
  12. Best wishes CJ
    41 eh?
    still a baby :p
  13. 41??? :LOL: :p
    Happy birthday from us two :wink:

    Caroline & John.
  14. No one is that old :p

    Just get Pist 'n Broke
  15. If it's any consolation to you ,mate, The sidecars send up a big cloud of cement dust at turn 1. Enjoy the new engine.
  16. Have a great birthday, mate, enjoy the day :)
  17. Happy Birthday Cejay,
    All the cool people were born in '67 :wink:

  18. Have a good one!!
    Hope your 42nd year is a cracker!

  19. Happy birthday buddy, hope you've been enjoying it. :)
  20. Had a great meal out last night, drank way too much, was very sick this morning :)

    Went for a ride to Marysville this afternoon, Belgian Lemon Teacake + Cream and Icecream. Yummy!