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Happy Birthday Casey Stoner ! :P

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Ducati gave him a Hypermotard yesterday at Melb !

    c'mon Paul . . .
    Being the birthday coordinator, how did you miss this one ! :LOL:

  2. I worship in a different church; we only have tea after the services, not lattes :LOL:.

    Yeah, yeah, happy birthday to the perpetually-smiling kid from OZ :).
  3. Happy birthday, CASEY!!!!! I bet he liked his pressie on the weekend... Well done, Lad... :)

    Two good things have come out of Kurri Kurri int he last 20 years.... Me, Casey and his family... and we all got out alive!!!! :LOL:
  4. A Hyper Motard? Surely they could have afforded him a 1098s :p

    Anyway happy b'day to him. It's surely been a year to remember for him.
  5. i thought he got a monster....but i wasnt paying too much attention.

    its like last year at the mountain. next day ritter had a brand new falcon in his driveway, but it was a plain 6....i wouldve thought they'd have given him an 8
  6. Maybe they figured he could put knobby tyres on it back at the farm in Tamworth :LOL:
  7. yay to him \:D/
  8. Is he a member here? If not how will he know we wished him a happy birthday??? 8-[
  9. Good question Future,

    Casey's birthday was on Tuesday 16th October. Think he just got the pressie from Ducati as a bait to attend the official opening of their superstore in Melbourne.

    But that is a small price to pay for some one who at the age of just turning 22 has won a Moto Gp title and his home country GP