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Happy birthday Carri27

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by movin, May 22, 2009.

  1. Happy birthday gorgeous. :birthday: Love to you :grin: Without NR we might not have met :cry:
    My first chance to sneak online today because you were on computer. :LOL:

  2. Happy birthday Carri, hope you have a wonderful day :)
  3. We love you Carri! Avagoodun bozo!
  4. Hope you have an absolutely fantastic :birthday: Carri.

    Spend some time on yourself, and some time with family. Make sure that bloke of yours does all the work today, and shares some loving tonight! :grin:
  5. Happy birthday you awesome gal.
  6. Happy birthday Carri! :) xx
  7. Happy Birthday Carri!
  8. happy birthday :D
  9. happy birthday Carri.
  10. Carri, sorry I missed this, but I was on the road between 3:30 am yesterday morning to 5:00 pm yesterday arvo. I hope you had a truly great day!
  11. many thanks one and all. just when you thought you were long forgotten eh?

    had a great dinner out last night followed by some 'pampering'. movie tonight to top it all off, followed by hopefully more 'pampering'. what more could a girl want ;-)
  12. Happy Belated Birthday Carri! I hope you had a sensational day!