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Happy Birthday Bruce (ZX9A6) 31/10/2009

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kitt, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Happy Birthday Bruce :p

    for tomoz (y)

    mmwwaahh :p

    have an awesome day an celebrate with plenty of

  2. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday, from Liz and me. Hope you have a great one.

    And remember it's not the birthdays that count, it's becoming an old fart at the end. birthday smilie face 1.1.
  3. Just don't go around saying "your only as old as you feel" because when you say that, then you are truly old. Have a great day.
  4. That's right, it's better to say "You're only as young as the woman you feel".

    Anyhoo, happy birthday Bruce, you were missed on our GOR ride today :)
  5. Thanks guys, had a great day/night Heaps fo food, drink and excellent company, went till the early hours Sunday morning LOL, It was a big day started at 4pm for me.....first drink anyway, and the wild night of storms that some of the team had to ride in.......gutsy effort

    Must thank everyone concerned, lots going on behind the scenes....Big Kisses to Sharlene and one to Andrew LOL

    Cheers Bruce
  6. My face still glows in the dark.

    And would it be politically incorrect to suggest that Andrews nipples are strangely alluring?
  7. Happy Birthday Bruce, thanks for your valued support on the LR & MR's.

    Well done Kitt and Andrew too.
  8. :birthday:
  9. Happy bday mr (retired) TEC... enjoy the middle of the group for once!! :grin:

    Past efforts muchly appreciated (esp fixing buggered rides)...

    Have a good one....
  10. Hahahaha, I wondered where the erect nipple shots went (you had to be there - sight gag).

    Thanks also to everyone who donated to Bruce's front head lifting stand; in spite of themselves AP managed to deliver the unit to the right address (finally). Kitt picked it up last night and took it over to the L's ride and I believe it now happily resides with Bruce. Inside the card I printed out a list of the folks who donated. We ended up $20 over, so Kitt bought a bike cover as an additional pressie.

  11. Well done and hats off to you and Kit for putting it all together=D>=D>
  12. LOL .. I have those pics right here A :p

    Once again thanks to everyone who donated , Bruce got rather spoilt :D

    pic 1 , If looks could kill !!! lol
    pic 2 , birthday boy and cake !

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  13. Happy belated birthday Bruce.

    Haven't had much time to be on here much or make to the rides to give you good wishes on time, but hope you had a great night.

  14. that candle is to small :shock:
  15. Damn. Arc has his arms crossed.

  16. Hehehehehe
  17. fixed =D>

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