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Happy birthday Boo!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BrokeBack Andy, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Six in the afternoon and nobody has done it. :eek: Oh well. Let me be the first. :) HAppy birthday boo. Hope you had a great day and all is well for you. Take it easy. Andy :cool:

  2. Happy birthday Boo! Hope you had a good one. :grin: :birthday:
  3. :birthday: Happy Birthday Madlyon!!!May all your wishes come true on you special day! :smileysex: :bannanabutt: :roses: :dance: :beer: :beer: :cheeky:
  4. Avagoodun Boo!
  5. I haven't seen boo in ages. Hope life is treating you well and that, today especially, you're having a ball!
  6. She hasn't had much access to the net for a while, but i'll let her know people have posted :)
  7. Happy Birthday Boo :grin:

  8. Yes... Master doesn't let me out of my cage for walks very often :demon:
    Thanks Andy, that's very sweet of you!
    Miss Pia Pia spanks coming your way personally & Rosie dearest Rosie
    your picture is priceless :grin: For some reason I'm feeling a little peckish!
  9. Happy belated birthday wishes Boo!
  10. happy birthday from wazz
  11. Sorry I missed this :(

    Hope you had a great birthday missy

    :dance: :dance: :dance: