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Happy Birthday Black Magic. :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Seany, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Happy Birthday Wendy! :birthday:

    It may be your 40th b'day but it's only the first of your new life so make it a good one. :grin: Don't forget to go and enjoy yourself with friends. :beer: :blah: :dance: :beer: :grin:
  2. You THAT old BM? :shock:

    Would never have known. :cool:

    Have a [​IMG] good one beautiful. [​IMG]

  3. Happy Birthday, Wendy....
  4. Well well well, another newly turned 40 odd like me on Netrider.

    Happy BURRPPP...day!

    Your old enough to join the Ulysses. Woo Hoo
  5. ^^but not old enough to warrant a Harley.

    Happy Birthday Wendy!!

    Hope you have a great day.
  6. !!!!*****HaPpY bIrThDaY wEnDy*****!!!!
  7. Happy birthday Wendy.
  8. Happy birthday Wend'. Now life begins :grin: Ride safe Chicky :biker: xoxo
  9. Happy birthday for yesterday, Wendy! Hope you celebrated well and are still recovering :LOL: :beer:

    EDIT: Oh, it's today! Well, have a ball!! :beer:
  10. Bestest wishes for the exciting year ahead for you BM :dance:
  11. :beer: Happy Birthday, hope it is great and just one of many to come. :dance:
  12. Thank-you everyone...what a surprise! :grin:
    I have had so many calls, emails and SMS's today that there is no way I could be upset about the big '40'!
    I got to work this morning and my work buddies have decorated the big glass windows at the front of the place (we face a main road) with an ENORMOUS 'Happy 40th Wendy' sign and balloons and streamers! I almost ran off the road when I came around the corner.
    I would rather be turning 30, but I don't look or feel 40, so what the hell, huh?
    I am being taken to 'places unknown' for dinner tonight, and the girls are currently out in the back room collaborating on some surprise (which includes a birthday cake that has been made in the shape of something that they will only leave to my imagination!) :p
    Have a great day guys, you are a great bunch...thanks again! :grin:
  13. 40 I remember turning 40, had all my own hair, teeth could still ride a bike. Still true 10 months later!

    have fun :birthday:
  14. Thanks you old fart :LOL: Glad to see there is light at the end of the tunnel of antiquity! :LOL:
    I don't think Ulysses would accept me on the ER6!
  15. Nah BM you're kidding....35 I believe.... :p
  16. Thanks MG- very nice of you my friend! :grin:
  17. You can never have too many riding buddies. Maybe an idea to go to a meeting and see what the members in that branch are like. Quite a few of us there in our 40's (and 50's and 60's) in denial about our age and still try and act 25 :p

    And of course all the best for the BIG 40
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY1!!1!!1 ...
  19. Ok guys...pics of the big birthday front window display and the 'novelty cake and candle'.
    I will NEVER live that butt shot down...... :LOL:


  20. Yep can definatly see thats your butt :p , the thing i wonder is who posed for the other bit of the cake :shock: :shock: