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Happy Birthday BanditR1

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by booga, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I happen to know that its a little roller-girl's birthday today :grin:

    So happy birthday Marissa, hope you have a good day :)

  2. HB Riss :)
  3. Happy birthday Marissa, hope you have a good one :)
    Long time no see
  4. :birthday: Marissa
    Hope you have had a gooden. :)
  5. Happy birthday :grin:
  6. Happy Birthday Chicky

  7. Missed this...
    Happy Birthday Marrissa :grin:
  8. Hey Marisa , Happy Brthdy , Hope you had a great day , have a great ride tnght if you go , catch you soon. Only a few more and you may catch me , well if you hav 2 brthdys a year maybe.

  9. Happy birthday Marisa, hope you have a great day

    Cheers stewy
  10. Havagoodun Mars!
  11. Happy Birthday baby girl...

    Hope you had an awesome day yesterday and ill be seeing you soon :p
    Lots of luv,
  12. wow - now there's a name i haven't seen in a while and i wonder about from time to time! coming to the Island chicky? would love to see you show off some of your stunts (carn - show us your stunts :LOL: :cool: )

    anyways, happy birthday gorgeous :birthday: hope it's a great one for you. loadsaluv, carri xx
  13. Just saw this post! Happy belated Birthday Mars. Hope you had a great day and had some nice cake. Everyone should have some nice cake for their birthday :) In fact any day is good for cake. :grin:


    Kate and Shaun
  14. Happy birthday Mars :)
  15. Happy birthday Marisa! Sorry I'm late, I do hope is was a good one. :)
  16. Aw crap... only just saw this.

    Hope you had a good one Mars and celebrated with the perfection of some new stunts!

  17. im a little late! But for what its worth I hope ya had a good Birthday! :p
  18. Hey happy birthday. Sorry brij and i are late, but better late than never! Hope you had a great day and bummer about your headlight going on last mystery ride. Talk soon. :cool: