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Happy Birthday Azz!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jadey, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I thought I would sneak on the computer while you are eating you birthday cookies and post up a little b'day wishes for you...

    So a big Happy Birthday to you!!!! Hope you enjoy your birthday week!!!:dance:

    Love you to bits and pieces
    Jadey :p
  2. Avagoodun Azza, and I hope you get to pop your birthday cookies too!
  3. HAppy birthday brother. Hope you have a great day and all your dreams come true. You deserve it. :) :wink: :cool:
  4. :birthday: Azzzzzzzzzzz
    Have a fantastic day, and we all know Jadey will spoil you rotten. :wink:
  5. happy Birthday mate, hope you have a great day and all is going well for you
  6. Happy Birthday Dude. Hope you have a great day. :grin:
  7. Happy birthday ya older bahsted :grin:
  8. :birthday: Azz, hope you have a spectacular day!!!
  9. :birthday: Azz !
  10. Yay! Another one down!

    Have a great day and lots of fun and presents!
  11. Happy 26th Azz, I hope you have an awesome day.

  12. Happy Birthday Azz, hope you're healing well.
  13. Happy birthday dude! :grin:
  14. FIREBLADE!! How did I miss this? :LOL:

    Happy Birthday Azz, I hope it has been a great day.
  15. Have a great day, Azz.
  16. Happy birthday Azz, hope you had a great day mate.
    Shaun n Kate.
  17. Dude! +10 what they all said! Happy birthday! :)
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check under the couch! I reckon there'd be enough room for a Fireblade under there :wink:

    Hope you have a most excellent day, can't wait to see you on two wheels again so we can go riding!

    :dance: Big hugs my friend :dance:
  19. happy b day babe - hope to be riding with ya on the roads soon :cool:
  20. Thanks guys :grin:

    Had a great birthday and was spoiled by Jadey :grin: :grin:

    I'm still healing well... doing physio, gym & hydro daily and see the surgeon in 7weeks and 2 days (not that I'm counting :wink: ) for my final review & hopefully get told that I can go back to work & finally get back on 2 wheels