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Happy birthday Ametha Elf!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tweetster, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Hope you have a fab day Ametha... and it will hopefully include a ride...:D

  2. Thanks Tweetster! I just got some Joe Rocket leather pants as a present, yay, I love love love them. Best birthday ever!!!
  3. ...are they comfy??.. i'm up for a better pair of leather pants than the current ones.

    I hope the rain stopped long enough for you to try them out!!.. :LOL:
  4. They are comfy but very long in the leg. I got a quote to have them hemmed (they have a zipper at the bottom of the leg too which makes it difficult) and was pretty shocked with the price they wanted. So I'm eyeing up my scissors and trying to be brave enough to do this myself. They are a real bargain $149 from www.bikegearwarehouse.com.au in the ladies clearance section. (Joe Rocket Trixie leathers).
  5. :Wow!!.. great price!!...(y)

    Have a fab rest of day!! :)
  6. :birthday::birthday:
  7. Happy (belated) birthday wishes, Ametha Elf ! Hope your day was fabulous (y)
  8. Happy bithday fellow chickie rider!
  9. Happy birthday, Ametha!!!

  10. Thanks fellow chickie riders!!